Bill Amberg invited to judge LCF Industry Project

Second year students from the BA Cordwainers Bags and Accessories course at London College of Fashion were asked to base their industry project on Bill Amberg.  Their brief was to echo the Bill Amberg aesthetic and exacting standard of finish to create a truly beautiful, small piece that achieves a high level of craftsmanship.

As part of the project they were asked to research Bill Amberg, interrogate his design ethos and explore his knowledge of craft skills.  To help the students do this Bill invited them into his Studio to get a first-hand insight into the techniques and applications of leather he uses in architecture, interior projects and accessories.  With this new-found knowledge, the students were asked to come up with a product range, including bags, containers, interiors and fashion.

Bill was honoured to be asked to judge the work, although he was so impressed with the high standard he couldn’t pick a first, second or third, instead noting quite a few stand out pieces and why they were special.  Bill said “I tried in this project to take the comfort zone away from the students and to push their making skills. They all rose to the challenge well. It was exciting to see how they developed after the studio visit, to understand materials and what’s possible.”

LCF Course Leader Lindsay Riley said, “This was one of the most successful industry projects we have done as it really engaged the students. Asking for something ‘small and perfect’ was the key, as it really challenged them to up their game on craftsmanship. It really makes a difference if our industry partners participate well. Bill gave up so much of his time and really cares about the students- they wanted to do their best for him.”

Some of the students also gave their feedback on the project – “Bill Amberg’s attitude is a designer and entrepreneur was very inspiring. Although he is the head of the successful brand he never stopped exploring new techniques to make things that are unique and beautiful. He still travels the world seeking innovation. I believe such desire and passion are the main reason for his success. I would like to follow his desire and become a successful designer just like him. It was such a priceless experience working with Bill Amberg.”

 “After the briefing I noticed that Bill is really focused on his occupation, compared with a designer I prefer to call him a master. In this project I have learned a lot from him, not only leather craft technique but also how to be a brand manager.”

“Working with Bill Amberg Studio has been an eye opener. Seeing his craftsmanship close up and the way in which they push boundaries with leather is so inspiring.”

 Congratulations to all the students who took part.

Bill Amberg Studio
2 Lonsdale Road,

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