‘Forpeople are absolutely committed to craftsmanship, which is why we have enjoyed worked closely with Bill Amberg and his team since 2002.  Bill Amberg has always been at the forefront of leather craftsmanship and we are proud, as a British design company to have worked together on numerous projects across automotive, airline, interior, furniture and product sectors. The work celebrates the beauty of leather and clearly showcases the talent of the Bill Amberg team.”

Richard Stevens,
– Creative Director

“Bill’s talent and craftsmanship regarding all things leather has enticed me to do exceptionally, interesting applications within our work, both for residential and commercial. From floors to furnishings, Bill always brings a different aspect and edge to his creativity with all his leather designs. He makes my work look better!”

Alexandra Champalimaud,
– Champalimaud.

“Bill Amberg’s Studio combines the traditional expertise and craftsmanship of the finest saddle maker, with the design precision of an brilliant architect. It makes them the only studio we could ever collaborate with to develop and make the amazing things we have together.”

Tom Bartlett,
– Waldo works.

“As architects, “craft” is a word that we use a lot, often quite disingenuously. But it is only on the rare occasion that you come across a studio like Bill Amberg’s, that the relationship between design and making reminds you what craft really is. Bill and his team are real craftsmen, they are experts in their chosen material and use it appropriately with love and care.”

Mike Stiff,
– Stiff + Trevillion

“How’s this “In over two decades of working with and knowing Bill, I continue to be inspired and enthralled by what he can do with leather as a canvas for ideas. His creativity and innovation is second to none and his work remains a statement of elegance and style in any context.”

Raoul Shah,
– Founder and CEO,