Bill Amberg Studio meets Heatherwick: Sharing a new way of experimenting with materials

Here at Bill Amberg Studio, we spend a lot of time experimenting with the leather to really try and understand what it possible. It is a vital part of our work here, not only for the client but also for us as designers and in the workshop because it maintains a flow of inspiration. It also means we are able to constantly present new ideas and new techniques in front of our clients.

An important part of Bill Amberg’s work with leather is sharing this expertise and knowledge of leather through a specially crafted Continuity Profile Development talk. Based in King’s Cross, Thomas Heatherwick’s architectural studio invited Bill Amberg to present a CPD talk on ‘Using leather in interiors and architecture’ to the team.

The CPD is a crucial element in opening up the way leather is perceived and the understanding of its use; it aims to highlight the possibilities of leather, enabling architects to better understand how it can be incorporated into their work. Further to the talk, we invited the team at Heatherwick studio to come and visit the Bill Amberg Studio in Queens Park, offering them a personal insight into our work and what we do here.

“The trip to Bill’s studio opened us up to a new way of making and experimenting with materials which brings further richness to the work that we do” – Alexander Laing, senior designer.

View the timelapse video of Bill’s talk, click here: Bill Amber Studio at Heatherwick studio.