Bill gets Listed by Robert Elms on BBC Radio London

Bill Amberg joins Robert Elms on BBC Radio London to take part in his weekly segment, Listed Londoner.

This week, Bill Amberg took to the airwaves on the Robert Elms show to answer the 15 famous on the show’s weekly segment; Listed Londoner. The show, which sees Robert Elms invite a notable Londoner, gave Bill the opportunity to share his favourite London haunts, memories, pet hates and everything in between.

As well as Bill’s favourite London architecture and eateries, the conversation divulges where in London you can see first-hand a Bill Amberg installation, Robert Elms and his Bill Amberg bag and the return of the accessories shop online.

The clip is available to listen for the next 25 days on the BBC Radio London website, here: Listed Londoner Bill Amberg.