California Calling: Bill Amberg Studio now open for business in The Golden State

We are delighted to announce that from June 2016, the Bill Amberg Studio’s range of bespoke leather handrails and rugs along with two furniture collections will be available in California, USA.

As an antidote to products being mass produced through factory chains, designers are seeing the benefits of introducing handcrafted pieces into the home. The unique character derived from handmade objects adds a value that builds over generations. Here at Bill Amberg Studio, our team of artisans draw from the age-old disciplines of case making, saddlery and bookbinding – often using tools and methods that have remained unchanged for centuries – in order to deliver beautiful contemporary leatherwork that lasts.

A selection of our fine leather products, designed and made in the studio in London, will now be available to see at one exclusive destination; the UNA MALAN showroom at The Courtyard, 8748 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood. Together with Una Malan, we have handpicked and curated a product range including our handrails, rugs, two furniture collections and our Stack leather floor and wall surface system.

Una Malan’s uncompromising eye for high quality and impeccable craftsmanship is matched with Bill Amberg’s ethos for beautiful, custom-made installations and products. Other brands available to see at the showroom alongside Bill Amberg Studio include Dmitriy & Co., VeniceM, Loro Piana Interiors and Knowles & Christou.

An encapsulating space, the UNA MALAN showroom is not only the place to see the range of products available, but to also discuss with Una Malan the options for any special requirements for custom made work.

Get in touch with Una Malan now to discuss your next project with the Bill Amberg Studio.