A beautiful & functioning bespoke leather apron

Bill Amberg was requested to design and make a one-off bespoke apron; here at the studio we work on many such one-off requests, so we accepted the challenge with a lot of enthusiasm.

An apron is the first product we were asked to create, especially as it was an apron for the kitchen. The key emphasis was to be placed on the material as well as the final details of the design. It was necessary the apron provided comfort as well as functionality, so Bill choose a semi chrome leather as the material for the final piece. The leather is half vegetable tanned and half chrome tanned; the leather is well structured due to the vegetable tanning and softness from the chrome tanning. The leather is somewhere between the softness of material used for furniture and stiffness you would expect in saddlery. The chrome also offers protection from the splash of oil and fat, and the general fallout from cooking or a barbeque that can be resolved simply by wiping with a damp cloth.

To add functionality for the user in the kitchen, Bill introduced three front pockets that have been gusseted, making room for tea towels, oven gloves and also knifes. Held together with reinforced hand-set copper rivets, adjustable leather straps give it the final touch and make it wearable for all sizes.