160 Aldersgate, City of London


For the lobby of global law firm DLA Piper’s office in the City of London we designed and created a collection of bespoke leather furniture. Inspired by the impressive collection of art, ceramics and sculpture already in the building, our team took visual cues from the shapes and materials of the artworks to develop the unique furniture pieces.

Among the art pieces were Moon Jars by Adam Buick, a large painting by Tomo Campbell, which fills the majority of one wall, and a world map created in pigment print on hand-gilded copper leaf, entitled Dymaxion Mundi, by Ewan David Eason. All sourced by Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

We wanted to bring a hand-crafted element to the stone lobby, using smooth, sculptural forms and warm, natural materials. Our range of furniture includes two semi-circular benches, a round bench, a console table and reception desk.


The concept for the bespoke furniture pieces was an evolution of a design we’d already mastered at The Shard for Renzo Piano: a pinched-edge, hand-stitched padded surface, with hand polished edge radiuses, sitting on a curved, bronze plinth formed in resin and finished in a bronze plating.


The lobby console sits neatly in front of the painting by Tomo Campbell. It was designed with flexibility for hosting events in the space and hidden drawers provide practical use within the reception. The reception desk uses the same polished black marble as on other floors of the building and the handstitched leather top provides an ideal surface for greeting visitors.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to reimagine the space with sculptural forms that are handcrafted yet practical” explains Bill. “It had to lend resonance to the internationalism of the business. As well as creating a functional space, we also wanted it to be contemplative – it’s a room for waiting, looking and thinking.’ Bill says.”

Architect: N/A

Date Completed: 2021

Client: DLA Piper