Bloomberg London

Described as a ‘once-in-a-generation project’, and named the UK’s best new building in 2018, we were selected to complete the leatherwork for Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London.

Working with the team at Foster + Partners, we clad over 500 metres of handrail, running down the central bronze hypotrochoid ramp that forms a smooth continuous loop through the full height of the building.

Designed and proportioned as a place of meeting and connection, the ramp allows for impromptu conversations between colleagues, with the leather handrail providing touch points along its length. Billed as the world’s most sustainable office, the media giant’s remarkable headquarters won the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize for excellence in architecture.

Architect: Foster + Partners

Date completed: 2017

Client: Bloomberg

Location: City of London

Awards: RIBA Stirling Prize 2018 Winner