Folded Stool


The Folded Stool showcases Bill Amberg Studio’s pioneering approach to structural leatherwork, pushing the boundaries of this versatile material to demonstrate its exceptional strength and durability. Expertly crafted from just a single piece of hand-folded leather by the studio’s craftsmen, this design reimagines the material’s traditional use, resulting in a striking, lightweight, versatile, and durable piece of furniture. The Folded Stool merges traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation.

Made from traditional English pit-tanned leather with full vegetable tannage, the Folded Stool is available in three rich tones: natural, chestnut, and tan. Minimal metalwork is discreetly incorporated to secure the structure, creating the illusion of a free-standing singular piece of leather and highlighting the seamless beauty and functionality of the leather.

“The Folded Stool is a testament to our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship,” said Bill Amberg. “After four decades of experimenting with leather, I’m still continuing to explore its potential. This series pushes the boundaries of what leather can achieve, we hope to inspire a new appreciation for this versatile and sustainable material.”

Handmade in London by Bill Amberg’s team of leather artisans, the Folded Stool will develop a rich patina over time. Each piece is unique, featuring natural markings and colour variations that highlight the characterful nature of the shoe sole leather.

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