Leica Camera Bag

The invitation to design a bag for German camera maker Leica was an exciting one for the studio (not least because Bill himself is a Leica devotee). To mark 100 years of Leica photography, the brand approached us to create a timeless and elegant bag for its M-System camera series that had the functional features to protect the camera and accessories while travelling.

Development came from extensive conversations with Leica camera owners around the world – amateur and professional photographers alike – to understand their needs. We then began experimenting with leathers and structural forms, to best fulfill these needs.

Leica cameras are built to last and aren’t subject to the ebb and flow of fashion, so it was important that the bag shared those qualities. Choice of camera kit is also very personal, varying between photographers, so the bag had to be flexible enough to accommodate whatever the user might want to bring with them.

We opted for an open-top design that allows fast and easy access to lenses and accessories. Constructed in a classic black bridle leather, with removable interior compartments in red, the properties of the leather enable the bag to soften over time, whilst retaining its strong and secure structure. The pull-out felt pad is easily removable for cleaning.

Designer: Bill Amberg Studio

Date Completed: 2014

Client: Leica Camera AG