Stack Games Table


Designed and crafted with thoughtfulness and attention to detail, the Stack Games Table is a collaboration between Bill Amberg Studio and Los Angeles-based designers Studio Burran.

The stack tabletop stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to leather recycling and repurposing, echoing our ethos of crafting enduring pieces. Crafted from hundreds of premium leather off-cuts sourced from our studio projects, each piece of leather is meticulously stacked to create a visually engaging and wonderfully tactile surface. To perfect this process on a larger scale, we developed an innovative machine to provide the immense pressure required to bond the prepared leather, automating the art of leather stacking.

Complementing the stack leatherwork are Rift-Cut European Oak and veneer timbers. A removable section in the centre of the table features a reversible design, one side is clad with a stacked leather finish, while the other side boasts a chessboard inlay. When this central section is removed, a backgammon board inlay is revealed, providing options for different gaming experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the principles of California Minimalism championed by Studio Burran and its founder Eric Wilcox, this collaboration between our studios epitomizes a design philosophy characterized by simplicity, functionality and a reverence for natural materials. Versatile, durable and beautiful, the Stack Games Table makes a timeless addition to our client’s Californian home.