Stack table installed in New York apartment

Created for interior designer, Alexandra Champalimaud

This Stack Table was designed for an apartment in New York for interior designer, Alexandra Champalimaud.  Alexandra came across the unique ‘Stack’ technique used while visiting the BAS in London where the prototype takes pride of place in our meeting room.

The unusual technique used to make the table top looks at leather as a surface from a fresh perspective, while also acting as means of recycling workshop waste.

Inspired by the practice of layering leather to make shoe heels, the Stack Table achieves its remarkable surface through the lateral ‘stacking’ of leather strips, resulting in a naturally emerging random pattern of coloured stripes. Through the application of resin and sanding, the tabletop becomes smooth and unexpectedly tactile, making it ideal for use as a table but equally suited to other applications.

With the original table proving proof of concept, Bill Amberg hand-built a machine to automate the process of leather stacking, allowing future production of the Stack Table and enabling the idea to be applied to other pieces of furniture.

This Stack Table was made from Walnut by joiners in the UK before being shipped to the USA.