With a remarkable portfolio that spans contemporary private residences, and many of the top hotels and restaurants around the globe, New York-based studio, Champalimaud is one of the most respected names working in interior design today.

Lua (meaning ‘moon’ in Portuguese) is an abstract study of the organic shapes found in indigenous basket-weaving practices. The print features clusters of nebulous circles, as if in movement across an expansive plain.

Champalimaud used watercolours to create the initial design, inspiring a more artful and tactile approach to the pattern. A pairing of dusty rose, grey and neutral hues bring about a sense of depth, gradation and subtlety.

"My intention is for Lua to be used for both panelling and upholstery. It’s an interesting alternative to traditional art; a watercolour that’s then been printed on leather."

-Alexandra Champalimaud

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