Natasha Baradaran

Combining a fascination for 1970s Italian furniture, with a casual, Californian aesthetic, Los Angeles-based designer Natasha Baradaran is known for her stylish products and interiors that playfully merge sharp angles and curvaceous lines.

Available in two colourways, Elle references duality and outdated ideas of masculinity and femininity as they relate to design. Rugged leather juxtaposes delicate lace, with Natasha’s enlarged and abstracted pattern also drawing influence from the scales of fish and from fragments of bone. With the all-over pattern presented in a small repeat, it works fantastically applied to both smaller upholstery items as well as larger paneling.

"I’m all about textures, and I love the handle of this leather. It's functional and durable and can be used in interesting and surprising ways in almost every project."

-Natasha Baradaran

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