The Stack Table

Stack is the result of our in-house experiments, intended to explore the possibilities of leather as a structural material. The Stack Table looks at leather as a surface material from a fresh perspective, while also acting as a means of recycling workshop waste. Supported by legs and a frame in solid brass, the tabletop is comprised of hundreds of leather off-cuts from our Studio projects.

Inspired by the traditional practice of layering leather to make shoe heels, the Stack Table achieves its remarkable surface through the lateral ‘stacking’ of leather strips, resulting in a naturally emerging random pattern of coloured stripes. After bonding and sanding, the tabletop becomes smooth, stable and unexpectedly tactile; making it ideal for use as a desk, but equally suited to other applications.

With the completed table acting as proof of concept, we developed a machine to provide the immense pressure required to bond the prepared leather, thus automating the process of leather stacking. We have since used it in bespoke columns and architraves, along with smaller side tables.

Designer: Bill Amberg Studio

Date Completed: 2015