Tom Dixon

With a mantra to create extraordinary objects for everyday use, Tom Dixon has been at the forefront of furniture and interior design for three decades. The famously innovative and self-taught British designer today oversees a lighting, furniture and accessories empire.

Photographed in a super high resolution, Tom’s launch collection for Bill Amberg Print explores the notion of materiality in a digital age. His visibly manipulated and hyper-real designs aim to startle the eye, by using pattern in unexpected ways. Rock, Foil, Hair and Dichroic play on a dislocation caused by exaggerated proportion, and furthered by the playful unconventionality of each featured material for upholstery and architectural use.

"Foil for upholstery or Hair for furniture. What’s interesting to me is to use this lovely natural material with its hyper-real printed designs in the most surprising way possible."

-Tom Dixon

The Collection