Bill Amberg for Kolho

In collaboration with Finnish furniture company Made by Choice and American artist, Matthew Day Jackson, we are excited to unveil two special editions of the brand’s Kolho range of furniture, now available in Matthew’s ‘1969’ series for Bill Amberg Print.

The collection plays with plywood forms, and is inspired by the story of Apollo; as both a NASA mission and the Greek god of reason.

The range was conceived by serendipitous circumstance, following a visit to the small town of Kolho in Finland that is home to the Formica Group factory. Matthew developed bespoke steel press plates with Formica to create a textured laminate at a depth of 80 microns – a scale representation of the surface of the far side of the moon.

Having created a brass rubbing of the press plate through our leather hides, the resulting artwork comprises the first of Matthew’s printed leather designs.

The second design, named Tie-Dye, explores Matthew’s interest in how process can create organic images in a variety of materials. Both designs work with the principles of dyes and resists, specifically when applying waterborne pigment to leather.

In designing this furniture, I was seeking the space between Reason (Apollo) and Chaos (Apollo’s brother Dionysus): the state of PLAY. This is the space where our human animal shows its greatest self.”

—Matthew Day Jackson

The two contradictory temperaments of Apollo and Dionysus meet where the flat, rational plane of the seat and it’s back, sit upon legs that curve and wind like a serpent or grapevine.

For purchase inquiries, please contact us. To discover the full Kolho range from Made by Choice, click here.