Savoir x Bill Amberg

A bed on a wooden floor with a light fixture overhead.We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Savoir; purveyors and manufacturers of the world’s most comfortable and extraordinary beds.

Working closely with Savoir’s team, we have created designs for two leather beds, using Print – our digitally printed leather. Sky and Ocean, are a celebration of British craft and innovation. A modern aesthetic, advanced leather printing technology and heritage craftsmanship combine to deliver a fresh update to a classic piece of furniture.

Inspired by the gentle movement from night into day and the shift from sleeping into the waking hours, Sky evokes the transition from dark to light, the fading of the stars and an emergence as dawn moves into day. Ocean plays on the idea of swimming from the depths towards the surface at day break, and the refraction of light through water during these early hours.

Wanting to translate these calm and cathartic reflections into watercolours suitable to be applied to a head- and footboard, Bill experimented with a mix of sprays and marbling techniques in the studio. Once happy with the mood of the artworks, he recreated these as full-size paintings, which were scanned 1:1, in preparation for digital printing.




The two new additions to the Bill Amberg Print collection are exclusive to Savoir.

In applying material innovation alongside time-honoured bed making and upholstery techniques, to reimagine the leather bed, Savoir have embraced innovation to create the extraordinary.

Selected for its softness and malleability, a solid brass frame and trim provides a sympathetic partnering to the leather, and maintains a contemporary silhouette.

Ocean and Sky will be available from July 2019. To find out more about Savoir and our collaboration, please visit Savoir’s website. For information on our printed leathers, please click here.