Bill Amberg Print

An introduction (part 2 of 2)

Gilding, embossing and painting of leather has been around for millennia. Our new offering, Bill Amberg Print provides a modern take on leather decoration that uses advanced digital printing technology, whilst preserving and celebrating the material’s natural character and grain.

We realised from the start, that to create an appropriate canvas for printing on, we would need to work from the ground up to develop a completely new tannage. This had to accept the specialist ink and dyes used in the printing process, whilst retaining the handle and character of the leather. Naturally, our practices also had to meet and surpass the strictest sustainability and environmental criteria for leather production.

At BAS, we’ve long been interested in the intersection between craft and cutting-edge technology. Working closely with our technology partners, we developed a printing production method that allows a much deeper dye penetration to the leather than had previously been possible. This means our hides are extremely robust; the colour and designs do not fade, crack nor rub-off over time.

Working with digital printing also affords wide-ranging possibilities that simply would not be possible with traditional methods, including use of a huge variety of colour and complexity of pattern. Our hides are also created on a luxurious 5 sqm scale, allowing panel sizes of minimum 1.4 x 1.7m.

Using only the finest European hides printed with designs by some of the world’s most renowned creatives, the resulting product has utility that stretches beyond its traditional upholstery functions, to bespoke furniture and a range of interior architectural uses.

For inquiries, or to discuss using a Print hide in an upcoming project, please get in touch.